More Views from the Inside

Some smaller projects we’ve been working on over the past couple weeks, funds permitting.

We’ve put in some handy bathroom shelving.

DSC_0330 DSC_0333

Almost finished up the ‘breakfast bar’.


Also some skinny kitchen shelves for dishes and the like


And most recently (this week!) we did the tile surround for the wood stove.




2 thoughts on “More Views from the Inside

  1. hi guys.. i imagine that you have fired up that woodstove by now.. and i bet you are getting plenty of heat! we are running our gas heater, but it does not take much.. many nights even the pilot was too much! but tonight it is going down to 27.. so we are glad to have the heat.. hope all is well in wyoming! take care, jason

    • Hi Jason,
      Yes we most certainly have. And we’ve discovered the same… it really doesn’t take much! Sometimes just using the oven will get it up over 80 degrees on a chilly night. More reasons to bake!

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