Cabinets and Counter Tops

So we’ve had the cabinets mostly done for a couple weeks now, but just last night we finished up the wood counter tops and installed the sink and kitchen faucet. The cabinets went pretty quickly and were put together over a weekend.  I custom built the cabinets rather than going with ready-to-install because of our not-standard dimensions. They still need drawers and doors, but those are a bit lower on the priority list for now.DSC_0286

Installing the boxes20140913_112938 20140913_113045 DSC_0295A messy tiny house

The counter tops are all cut from a single piece of maple I had gotten from my grandfather a while back and have been hanging on to for this special purpose. Our breakfast bar (see our kitchen post) will be done with a piece of live edge maple, but will take a little more time to get it ready to install.DSC_0300

In other news, we’ve moved the tiny house to a new spot this past weekend due to some city coding issues. We’re getting set-up and settled in and will share some photos soon!


One thought on “Cabinets and Counter Tops

  1. looks like you are making progress.. good for you! we have been living in our house since July.. we never expected to be living there full time, but the reality is that we hardly ever get to bear creek where you visited on your way out west! the house does get cluttered very easily, but so far so good… I hope that life in wyoming is agreeable ( even if you did run into a code issue!) jt

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