Updates and A Final Spot

After a two month long hiatus we are back at it and getting ready to move into the tiny house. There is still plenty of work to be done, but we feel up to the task of roughing it a bit while we finish up over the next month or two. Now that we’re going to be starting work, we’ll again be sharing our progress and photos.

We’ve found a final-for-now resting spot for the tiny house in Laramie just a block from UWYO campus! As excited as we are for the location, we also feel pretty lucky in our hosts and neighbors who have been extremely generous and flexible with us. We’ve also had over a dozen visitors/inquirers over the past week who’ve stopped by while we were working outside to chat with us about the house, take a mini tour, and some who even told us about tiny house plans of their own. Overall we’ve been really happy with our new spot and the community.DSC_0277 DSC_0279

Starting to spruce-up our tiny strip of ‘yard’. We’ve started to put in a little garden. As for the lawn, our local hardware store was throwing away some sod that had gone a little past its prime, so we scooped it up for free and are hoping it comes back to life.

DSC_0274We’ve been sleeping in the tiny house since we moved it, the loft is just about done except for some bottom window trim. Over the coming weeks we’ll be focusing on the kitchen, building storage and ironing out systems work, so stay tuned.


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