Moving the Tiny House

925265_484649268333671_1852466193_nThe tiny house has been moved out to Wyoming! The house rolled out of New Hampshire on May 28th and into it’s temporary home in a friend of a friend’s driveway on the 1st. 10349676_631148020301244_1380906161_nWe enlisted our friend Erik to be the tail car for the journey, and a family friend flew up to NH to help us with the nuts and bolts of towing for the first leg of the journey. Unfortunately it wasn’t all smooth sailing, and our trailer running lights had shorted out before we made it too far. After a couple hours of double checking the connections, running to Walmart to get a new trailer plug, and some more digging around we eventually pinned the problem on a loose connection in one of the lights that was hitting the metal frame of the trailer and shorting out.  Luckily we managed to get by with some electrical tape. 10354956_10202206984999245_8904257646556198635_nOur parking spot while stopped trying to figure out the running lights

After that things went pretty well. It was slow going at times, and Erik proved very patient following our honking rig. While we were originally planning on putting the tiny house in storage for the summer while we got settled into Laramie and found permanent parking for it (if you’ve been following along, you’ll know we haven’t finished the inside yet), we ended up having a friend of a friend offer to let us park it in her driveway for the summer!IMG_4114(1)


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