Finishing Up in the Bathroom

With a master’s defense looming and lots of planning for the big move (not to mention spring farm chores and jobs) tiny house work has been moved lower down the list. That’s not to say we haven’t been working on anything for the past couple weeks…

Painting the wallsDSC_01744
Behind Mirror ShelvingDSC_01699

We added some shallow shelving into the wall space for odds and ends. Eventually it will be covered by a long swing-out mirror.

Installing the Tub and drainDSC_0170

We cut the drain for the tub through the floor and installed a 3″ PVC pipe to drain our grey water. The end of the pipe is threaded so that a cap can be put on during travel and additional piping can be added once we are at a location and have a grey water system decided on with the land owners.

What’s Left in the Bathroom…
  • Building some shelving
  • Building the cabinets/storage for the composting toilet, which we have lovingly dubbed ‘the poo box’
  • Putting up a circular shower curtain rod



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