Interior Work Update 4

With the looming possibility of moving the tiny house as early as June, we’ve been trying to stick to a strict construction schedule (not that that has worked in the past). At least the weather has finally warmed up and we can work with the doors and windows open. Here is what we’ve been up to for the past week:DSC_01722

Forays into Plumbing

We started the first of our plumbing this week when we roughed in for the shower and bath fixtures. Since we really didn’t have any prior experience we tried to keep our plumbing as simple as possible. For this reason the shower also shares a wall with the utility closet (which houses the hot water heater and the eventual water inlet). DSC_01699

Installing the Loft Floor

The flooring for the loft was also purchased at the same lumber liquidators pallet sale that we bought the rest of our flooring at. It was a really small lot of ash hardwood odds and ends that appeared to be the extras from a bigger job. All of the pieces are short (under 2.5ft) and have lots of different grain, oh and some aren’t exactly square. We could definitely understand why some of them were in the throwaway pile, but over-all we are pretty happy with the way it turned out! DSC_01833

Putting Up the Bathroom Walls

We used the same pine paneling that we used on the ceiling, except we will be painting the bathroom for moisture and aesthetic reasons. And just like for the walls in the rest of the house we had to glue wood strips to the insulation so that we had something to nail the paneling to (timber frame construction doesn’t include as many studs as a stick-built structures). DSC_01799DSC_01877


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