Parking Space / Host Wanted

It looks like the tiny house’s first move will be a big one! We have officially begun looking for a place to move the tiny house to in or around Laramie, Wyoming. Here is our advertisement so far:Banner1

Desired Location and Move-In Date

With one of us attending grad school at UWYO we are looking for parking within or just outside of  Laramie, WY. We are hoping to make the move sometime this summer (June – August) and can be flexible as to the exact move-in date.

What is the Tiny House?

The tiny house is an 8×18 timber frame that is permanently attached to a trailer. While this means that the tiny house is mobile, we would like to find a spot where we can stay for a while. The tiny house has most of the creature comforts of home like electricity, heat and plumbing, just in a smaller square footage.  We have a composting toilet so there will be no black water or sewage. This means that we do not need a connection to a sewage system, and will be composting all of our waste. This process is safe and effective and more details can be provided upon request.

Here are some interior and exterior photos of the tiny house. The interior is in the final stages of construction. More photos can be provided upon request or check out our blog at

What We Need in a Spot

Our ideal situation would be for someone with a large yard or piece of land to host us as neighbors in their backyard, or allow us to use their land to park our house.

  • Simple water hose hookup for fresh water into the house or water tank
  • Standard 110 volt extension cord hookup (from the main house or existing utilities)
  • A place nearby to dump graywater, or situation in which we can build a french drain or other on-site water filtration/drainage system
  • A small corner of the yard for a simple, well-maintained compost pile and wood stack

What We Can Offer

  • Money to cover water and electrical utility use
  • Monthy rent payment TBD
  • Help with gardening / yard work/ snow removal
  • Farm caretaking or pet sitting (reference available)
  • Other work/trade or barter agreement

For a PDF version of this advertisement click here: TinyTimberHouse Ad


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