We’ve put the flooring in this week!DSC_016345DSC_018843

We bought our flooring last summer at a lumber liquidators pallet sale. At the sale they have pallets and odd lots of flooring for a discounted price. The catch is, you have to buy the whole pallet. This actually worked out well since a lot of the pallets were smaller square footage anyway. After some of digging around we eventually found a pallet that had almost the exact square footage we needed and flooring that we liked. Originally we were hoping to get hardwood flooring in keeping with our theme of more traditional building materials, but ended up with laminate instead. Since we’ve spent a lot of time picking out our materials this at first felt a little like defeat to settle on something that was such a big feature in the house. In the months since however we’ve really come around to the idea of laminate for a couple of reasons:

– Easy Installation:

It’s a floating floor installation which snaps together so we won’t have to rent out special flooring equipment. It even comes with the padding already attached. This has been one of the smoothest projects to date!

– It’s tough stuff:

The flooring we picked out is the exact same that the lumber liquidators store used for their front entry way. And because the tiny house is so small, most of the floor will be a ‘high traffic area’. Also our rambunctious australian shepherd, need I say more?

Said beast:DSC_018443


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