We started this blog about a year after we began building the tiny house, so here are a few photos that never made it up.


They Tiny House’s first move via tractor.


Finishing up the siding

In Other News

In other news we’ve been treating the ceiling paneling with linseed oil, the same thing we used to treat all of the timbers. We use Tried and True Wood Finishes and have been really happy with the finish and their zero VOC standards. Even Copper likes it and tries to lick up any drips, although we try to discourage that. For more info on their products they have a site here.

We’ve also treated the exposed wood in the bathroom (timbers and ceiling) with a Minwax water-based Polycrylic finish to protect against moisture.


2 thoughts on “#TBT

  1. I love seeing these projects. One thing I might mention is that your hyperlinks show up almost the same color as your text so they are difficult to see. I am not sure if this is a wordpress thing and it happens on all sites, mine included, or if there is a setting to change the color. Keep up the good work. By the way, I love the natural finishes you are using, less chemicals = better.

  2. Hi Homestead Dad, I agree, the hyperlinks disappear in the color scheme. Unfortunately the hyperlink color is determined by the ‘Spun’ theme that we’re using. While there aren’t any easy settings to change it I have changed around a few things in the code, and perhaps I will do a little research on how I can change the hyperlink color. Thanks for reading and the feedback!

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