Stoves, Ovens & Ranges

danbyHere’s our Danby 20″ Gas Range. There are lots of space saving stove top and oven options out there for tiny houses (Tiny House Talk reviews some of them here), but because we cook most of our meals at home we didn’t want to skimp too much on our cook top. The Danby 20″ still has four burners and a two-rack oven. Here are some other neat tiny house cook top set-ups.

BrevardTinyHouses Brevard Tiny House

2-Burner electric stove top and toaster oven. Lots of tiny houses forgo the oven all together. We thought that Brevard had a pretty cool space-saving idea to have theirs on pull out shelves.

TinyProjectrange The Tiny Project

They used a Propane 2-Burner Marine range which comes in a built in option for RVs.  Tiny Project gives a detailed review for their specific model, the Seaward Princess on their blog here.

RowdyKittens Rowdy Kittens

Here’s another 2-burner marine range, but this one is run on alcohol rather than propane.  The model Rowdy Kittens has in their tiny house is the Origo 6000.

Protohausrange Protohaus

3-Burner Propane range. Luckily there are lots of appliances designed for use in RV’s that also fit into a tiny house’s dimensions. Here’s a 3-burner option.


2 thoughts on “Stoves, Ovens & Ranges

  1. Your stove/oven looks perfect. One of my concerns about tiny house living is my NEED for a ‘real’ kitchen. Cooking and baking are so much a part of my life, not only as a creative expression but also as a way to share love ‘tangible’ with the people in my life…. so much so, that not having a fully functioning kitchen isn’t an option. I’ve been following the THM for about four years and am continually inspired by how it is evolving. It is so inspiring to follow each build… virtually walking through the process. I’ve learned a great deal through the generous hearts of those who share this exciting journey in their lives. Many thanks. I love your little house…it feels like a real home I could snuggle into!

  2. Hi KPhelps, Thank you for the kind words and encouragement! We also like to cook and bake for the same reasons and didn’t want to compromise too much on the kitchen. We’ll be excited to actually start using it to see how it all functions. Thanks for reading!

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