Dormer Windows Part 2

Adding the Glass

DSC_0090For part two of making the dormer windows Makenzie installed the glass into the frames I built. While insulated glass would have been ideal, all of the curved pieces would have put the project out of our budget. We therefore went with single paned glass despite it’s low insulating qualities. Our current apartment is an old barn with all single paned windows and we get a long just fine putting plexiglass storm windows on for the winter months.

It’s also pretty easy to install and luckily Makenzie’s gotten lots of practice repairing single pane farmhouse and barn windows over the past two years. Here are a couple quick photos of the process. First are the frames with the glazing points put in. Next are the frames with the glazing (a putty that forms an air & watertight seal) which is then cut at an angle to shed water and cover the glazing points to keep them from rusting.

Once the putty is fully dry we’ll be able to paint them with an exterior primer and do the final install!



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