The Tub Came Today!

DSC_007999You know that it’s an exciting day when the highlight is the arrival of a steel tub! So here it is 3×2 and 2ft deep (minus the giant sticker). While we won’t be installing the tub for a while, we were lucky to happen at our local hardware/feed store when another customer was putting in a large order with the manufacturer. Being able to piggy-back on their order got us a deal and free shipping, so we went for it.

Tiny houses can get pretty creative with how they do their shower set-up. We opted for a galvanized stock tank because we thought the oval shape would be the best use of space without the added expense of a regular fiberglass shower stall.  Here are some examples of other tiny house showers:

Stock Tank
Half Barrel
Regular Shower
Wet Bath



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