Interior Work Update: 2

DSC_0068Wall Sanding

This week was spent working on a number of odd projects in the tiny house. The first of these was continuing to spackle and sand the walls. In case you missed our previous post on the interior wall covering, we went with 1/4 plywood. There are lots of little nail holes and a few seams that needed to be filled and sanded smooth before we can prime.


We also started to work on the window and door trim, which has been an exciting finishing project to begin. Because of all the beams we decided to stick with a simple trim to keep the design uncluttered.DSC_0065 DSC_0069DSC_0056

Finding a Plumber

One unexpected issue we’re having right now is finding a plumber to come in and do our gas line. We need to have a line installed that will connect the stove, propane refrigerator, and hot water heater to an outside gas tank. Because of minimum square footage requirements the tiny house is built outside of code, thus the point of building tiny homes on trailers in the first place. We have however, stayed within code in terms of things that pose safety concerns. These things include our woodstove and chimney installation, electrical installation, having large operable windows in the loft, ventilation, and hopefully having our gas appliances installed by a professional. We’ve recently been given some recommendations on plumbers and are looking forward to getting the lines done so that we can continue work in the kitchen.DSC_0061


One thought on “Interior Work Update: 2

  1. Where is the tiny house community ? You guys. inspire us all to do the same and I for one hope to hear more on your progress. I would appreciate learning where to find. tiny house communities that share my belief that less is truly more !
    Light n Love, C.C.

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