On the Electrical Front

DSC_0042The electrical system is just about finished, with the exception of the bathroom light/fan and two lights up in the dormer windows (which are going to have to wait until after the window installation). For the electrical system we were lucky enough to get most of our wire, other materials and tools from Makenzie’s dad who had enough leftovers from various projects to do just about the entire job. This was a great help as all we really had left to purchase were our breakers & box, RV exterior plug-in, and some switch & outlet boxes. Needless to say it feels great to come in under budget for the electrical system!

This weekend Jim helped us to finish installing and wiring the lighting for our kitchen and we also installed an RV exterior inlet and got the breaker box squared away.

DSC_0038 DSC_0043There are four lights in the kitchen, two over the sink side and two over the oven side. Since we’re planning on adding a solar set-up eventually when time for research and funds becomes available, we went with LED lights for energy purposes. DSC_0041Starting to fill up our little utility closet with on demand hot water heater and electrical. DSC_0051Our 30AMP exterior RV inlet installed. We chose one that came with an adapter so that we could plug in a normal extension chord.


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