Ode to the Jotul

DSC_0099Introducing our little wood stove the Jotul 602. We like the reliability and routine that comes with a wood stove and knew we wanted to heat with wood right off the bat. (Other popular methods for heating tiny homes are with the Dickson Newport propane heater or the Envi electric wall panels.) Size was obviously our first consideration and we looked at a number of different stoves and tested out their dimensions in the tiny house using SketchUp. Our Jotul is 21″x12″ and stands at 25″ tall.

This little guy has been around for a while so we were able to find used ones pretty easily. We found ours on Craigslist for only $250.Tiny house67


2 thoughts on “Ode to the Jotul

    • Hi Nikki,
      It is hard to tell right now since we are not living it the house full time yet and since were are missing two window. That being said we use the stove often to heat the house while were are working on projects inside. The even without the dormer windows the jotul does an excellent job and will take the inside air temperature from well below freezing to sunny and 70 in no time at all. As far as burn time goes once you get a good bed of coals we have kept the house comfortable all day with one good sized log and the damper down!

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