Interior Wall Covering

DSC_0029With all of the electrical outlets and light switches wired up we were able to start putting up some of the interior wall covering this weekend. Due to the risk of cracking during travel, drywall is not usually used. Popular interior wall coverings for tiny houses are either some sort of paneling or plywood.

Because we wanted the look of smooth walls we opted for 1/4 plywood. One of our concerns with using plywood however, was having obvious seams between sheets and getting a tight fit around the irregular shape of the beams. In order to match the exact shape of the beams (especially the curved knee braces) we traced the shape onto a piece of cardboard, then cut the cardboard to use as a template. As for the seams,  luckily all the beams, windows and cabinets break up the wall space enough that there weren’t too many of them. Here are some photos of the progress we made this weekend. Big thanks to Jim for his many hours of help!

DSC_0002Saturday evening was spent prepping the walls. Because there were few studs, strips of  1/4 plywood were glued and tacked to the insulation so that we’d have something to tie the wall covering into.

DSC_0005 DSC_0006

DSC_0008Later in the day Nick and Hannah showed up to give a hand. Thanks again for everyone’s help!


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