Kitchen Layout


Here is the latest SketchUp model for the kitchen. For the uninitiated, Google SketchUp is an easy to learn, free computer drafting program that allows you to quickly create 3D scaled models. We have used SketchUp since the beginning for everything from simple 2D floor plan mock-ups to complete 3D models of the entire tiny house.  Sketchup not only allows you to draft models in 3D space but you can also pan and zoom around and within the models to give you a sense for the space before you spend any time or money in construction.

While the tiny house was based on a pretty detailed set of models, final dimensions always seem to be changing. I find myself going back to the computer and quickly drafting up new models or tweeking existing ones.  With the bathroom framed out, the wood stove installed and the oven delivered it was time to take the final kitchen design from napkins to the computer.  On my way home for the holidays with a few hours to kill in the airport I decided to draft a new model of the kitchen.

Kitchen3 Kitchen4 Kitchen5 Kitchen6In designing our kitchen we have had a number of wish list items since the very beginning. These items along with lots of web browsing of other tiny house interiors helped us in determining the layout. Here are some of the things we had wanted to include:

  • Having a trailer-width kitchen (with the bathroom in back) as opposed to having the bathroom and kitchen side by side to better accommodate all the time we spend in the kitchen
  • Having a 4 burner range and oven
  • Having a large deep sink w/ tall faucet
  • Closet space
  • Counter/breakfast bar for eating meals
  •  Small piece of granite counter for putting hot items
  •  More counter space than our current apartment (with only 2 sqft. now that wasn’t too difficult to accomplish!)

While it’s likely that things will still change a little bit more (especially once we make a final decision on our refrigerator), we’ve at least sat down and determined what will be living in each of our cabinets and whether the dimensions for moving around will still be livable.


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